Cuba 2014 – 2nd Edition

25 November – 16 December 2014
Fábrica de Arte Cubano- FAC

On the occasion of the 17th Week of Italian Culture in Cuba
In collaboration with: Italian Embassy in Cuba, Center for Contemporary Art Wifredo Lam
Catalog published by: Maretti Editore

Artists invited
Filippo Berta
Goldschmied & Chiari
Alberto Di Fabio
Francesco Jodice
Ra di Martino
Luigi Presicce
Celia González y Yunior Aguiar
Elizabeth Cerviño
Susana del Pilar Delahante
Humberto Díaz
José Fidel García
Yornel Martínez
Duniesky Martin
Reinier Nande
Grethell Rasúa

Caridad Blanco de la Cruz
Istrael Castellanos
Laura Cherubini
Jorge Fernández Torres
Eugenio Viola
Giacomo Zaza

Tribute to: Gilberto Zorio

The jury composed by the curators Caridad Blanco, Israel Castellanos and Jorge Fernández Torres awarded the following Italian artists:

Filippo Berta Homo Homini Lupus, 2011, HD Video, 2'33'' In a desolate expanse, a herd of wolves fiercely contests a now tattered flag. The flag expresses an ambivalent meaning: in the history of man he has always defined a territory to defend and at the same time the imposition of power, of one people or of one nation over another.
Rä di Martino The Show MAS Go On, 2014, Film HD / Película HD, 30’
Luigi Presicce Certifica delle mani, 2013, Videoprojection / Video proyección

The jury composed by curators Laura Cherubini, Eugenio Viola and Giacomo Zaza awarded the following Cuban artists:

Cuban victorious winners
Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo

Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo El deseo, 2012, Video Installation, no sound, variable dimensions (nunca antes realizada / never realized) The work is composed of a vertical ascending monitor that refers to different moments of the same action: the "capture" of an invisible object. A minimal gesture that recalls two antithetical and complementary ideas belonging to the human being: the irrepressible desire for possession and the aspiration to transcendence.
Grethell Rasúa Fariñas Cuanto encontramos para vencer, 2014, Performance / Video, 10 minutos (aproximadamente) Standing in front of a wall with bare shoulders to the audience, like a statue. In the hands two LED lights, like candles. A video projects his hand on the artist's back, which begins to affect a sentence.
Renier Nande Construction de-construction, 2012, Video-proyección (Discret "Palabras a los intelectuales", Fidel Castro, 1961) / pico de hierro, Variable dimensions