Maretti Gastronomics

Now let us talk about territories. We travel through them, we discover the treasures of their great food and compare ourselves with those who explore their distinctiveness with courage and perseverance. Now let talk about techniques, precision and tastes. We love them immeasurably and offer them as examples of heritage to be remembered and discovered. Now, let us find that right dose of courage and intellect that leads to the innovation and evolution of the palate. Now let us talk about experience and history. We cannot do without it and, therefore, we choose to rearrange it, catalog it, compare it – as in the editorial tradition of the best culinary encyclopedias of all time.

La merenda italiana con i migliori salumi d’Italia


Le Stelle Michelin in Italia


Iconiche Similitudini. Vol. I


Franchi Food Academy. Cookbook, Vol. 2


Franchi Food Academy. Ricette di selvaggina, Vol.2


Paolo Brunelli. I am not a gelato


Jacopo Ticchi. Oltre la frollatura

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