Sabato 22 settembre alle ore 16  verrà presentato presso la Galleria Continua (San Gimignano) il catalogo “Daniel Buren & Anish Kapoor”, sarà presente l’artista Daniel Buren.

“Daniel is very interesting because he has spent 50 or 60 years making works with a kind of singularity, the stripe. So how do you take a single event and keep inventing it and reinventing it and reinventing it for such a long time? It is a heroic kind of project. I’m a completely different kind of artist. My process is experimental, it’s about trying all sorts of different ways of coming to a certain set of ideas that I’m working with.”
Anish Kapoor about Daniel Buren

“I think that Anish is someone who has developed a real progression in his work, starting with almost intimate, essential things. I say essential because at the beginning he worked on coloured pigments, and therefore on colour in its raw state, with these very fine pieces, and also a sensibility that took a very original form. After that he developed things that are bigger and bigger, even monumental. He is therefore an artist who, little by little, is developing something less intimate.”
Daniel Buren about Anish Kapoor