Cookbook Game On. Vol.4


Anno 2023
Formato 20 x 20 cm
Pagine 120
Copertina cartonato
Lingua Inglese
ISBN 978-88-9397-088-4

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Disambiguation. Let’s start this brief “overture” with a concept that might seem curious for the preface of a cookbook. Disambiguation indicates the process by which the meaning of a word or a set of words is specified, which take on a different meaning depending
on the contexts. To articulate again, what at first glance appears to be simply one thing, actually contains much more. This is what happens when we get asked what the Franchi Food Academy is. The first and most immediate answer would seem to be: “A cooking
academy!”. A partially correct answer, because Franchi Food Academy is not just that.
It is also a network of chefs, both professional and enthusiasts, who share a passion for game meat and their idea of cooking. It is a project born to enhance this precious raw material, promote its beneficial and nutritional properties and spread a new education to
conscious and sustainable taste. And yes, sometimes, it is also an academy, albeit not in the traditional sense of the term. Bringing game into everyone’s homes is one of the fundamental objectives of Franchi Food Academy’s mission, so training is a central
aspect of this project […]