Portable Nation

Dorian Batycka

Camilla Boemio

Alfredo Cramerotti

Aida Eltoire

Anno 2014
Formato 23x27 cm
Pagine 176
Copertina brossura
Lingua Inglese
ISBN 978 88 89477 519


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Spedizione gratuita in Italia per ordini a partire da 28,00 euro

5th International Art Exhibition
“The history of artistic aesthetics of the Maldives is not widely documented. The archipelago is rather known for its most central aesthetical topics – the supreme beauty of the ocean, ecology and environment. The first Maldives Pavilion at 55th Venice Biennial therefore suggests treating the culture and nature of the Maldives as the central subject, marking its importance through its ecology, and what it would mean for the islands to disappear. Ecology and nature in the current state of global warming is no longer about national borders or certain regions. The fact that the impact of changing nature links Maldives and Venice in the environmental scenario of rising sea levels thereby became the starting point to think of an international discursive format rather than a national representation of the island nation of the Maldives in a narrow sense.”
Chamber of Public Secrets team
CPS – Chamber of Public Secrets team (Alfredo Cramerotti, Aida Eltoire, Khaled Ramadan)
Associate Curators
Camilla Boemio – Maren Richter

Invited Artists
Mohamed Ali
Moomin Fouad
Sama Alshaibi
Ursula Biemann
Stefano Cagol
Wael Darwesh
Thierry Geoffrey aka Colonel
Khaled Hafez
Heidrun Holzfeind & Christoph Draeger
Hanna Husberg, Laura McLean & Kalliopi Tsipni-Kolaza
Achilleas Kentonis & Maria Papacaharalambous
Gregory Niemeyer / Chris Chafe, Perrin Meyer and Rama Gottfried
Khaled Ramadan in collaboration with Abed Anouti
Oliver Ressler
Klaus Schafler
Patrizio Travagli

Paul Miller Aka DJ Spooki
Marian Tubbs
Ravi Agarval, NavJot Altaf, Amar Kanwar
Celeste Pimm
Mark Dahal
Oliver Ressler
Josephine Starrs and Leon CMIE


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